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Edmonton-based stucco & roofing

Where Quality & Aesthetic Meet

Lifetime warranty

With our products, you never have to worry. Our stucco coating and metal roofing comes with a 50 year lifetime warranty, so you can always rest assured.

built to withstand a canadian climate

Our products are made and tested for harsh Canadian climates. Stay protected and lower your energy costs with our advanced exterior coating and super-strength steel roofing.

Financing available OAC

It's our mission to make safe, eco-friendly, and lifetime-lasting exterior products affordable for every budget. That's why we offer financing OAC to each and every customer.

Family values

Since 2006, we have operated as a family-owned business. We extend those values to each of our past, current, and prospective customers.

make your stucco look brand new


Expert installation

Our experts are highly trained with 35+ years of combined experience. Operating with meticulous detail and valuable efficiency, they are committed to creating your dream home.


Our stucco coating prevents wall seepage from wind-driven rain while also allowing walls to breathe. Not only is our CHIC coating proven to withstand even the harshest conditions, it's also UV resistant.

Advanced Fire Safety

When tested in compliance with the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) for Flame Front Advancement and Smoke Development, CHIC achieved a Class 'A' fire rating.

Repairs Cracks & Stains

Several times thicker than a paint, the CHIC coating system seals cracks in the substrate where other coatings cannot. The material remains flexible over time, so as the walls move and settle, CHIC stretches to maintain its protective finish.

Available Across Canada

CHIC Stucco Coating

Installation available across Northern Alberta and all of Ontario. From homes to commercial properties, we bring our expertise to both rural and urban communities.

Evertile Metal Roofing

Our steel roof is available for installation and supply across Canada. Whether you're a builder or homeowner, we'll bring our metal roofing to you.

metal roofing unlike any other


High-Tensile Strength Steel

Created with the highest quality steel from Germany with an aluminum-zinc finish, our roofing is extremely strong and durable. Keep your home protected all year round.

Fire Resistant

With its strong steel, AFP Film from Austria, and stone granules, our steel roofing maintains advanced fire safety. Unlike traditional shingles, our metal tiles hold up against extreme heat.


Installed with steel screws onto battens or rails, our metal roofing possesses extreme wind protection. Never worry about harsh weather conditions again.

Made With stone granules

While maintaining the numerous benefits of metal roofing, our tiles have a traditional and appealing appearance. Coated with stone granules from France and Cubic Sand, our roofing collection has unmatched beauty.


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