2018 Kitchen Trends

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Read Below and Discover This Year’s Best and Most Popular Kitchen Trends! 

Don’t fall behind on some of 2018’s home trends. Keep your home looking fresh, modern, and stylish with these interior designs!

open concept ditching with rich designOpen Concept: If you watch any home development show or walk into a newly designed house, you’ll discover that open concept kitchens are extremely popular. The days for closed-in kitchens with walls separating your home’s two major hubs – the kitchen and living room – are gone. Being part of the family’s fun, even while you cook, is a huge bonus for most home owners, especially for busy parents that wish to keep an eye on their children. Plus, if you enjoy entertaining, an open concept kitchen is a great way to maintain conversations even while you prepare food, drinks, and everything else! To stay up-to-date on this important kitchen trend, call a contractor before you knock down those walls (they may be load-bearing). 


kitchen with island and light designIsland: Most kitchen designs in the last several years include an island with a tabletop for more informal dining. The increased dining space is great if you love to entertain, because, depending on the party size, you can rest easy knowing your guests have a place to eat their meal. They’re great for appetizers, and you can line up delicious dishes for all your guests to enjoy! Also, islands typically come with added storage! Although this design has been a trend for several years, it’s still a staple for 2018 kitchens. Most (perhaps even all) houses designed in 2018 have an island, which, as mentioned, increases dining capacity, storage, AND prepping space. If you are thinking of adding an island to you kitchen, contact CANZ Building Products for a free consultation!


Kitchen with quartz countertop and neutral tonesQuartz Countertops: Different style options, beautiful finish, attractive appearance, durable, non-porous – these are just some of the reasons why quartz has become one of 2018’s hottest kitchen trends. Although a bit pricey, quartz offers great benefits! It’s non-porous surface prevents stains and bacteria growth, ensuring your counter tops maintain that new look. Recent statistics have shown that quartz – not granite – tops the popularity list. If your looking to update your kitchen, quartz countertops should be on your wish list! 


Contrast: An emerging kitchen trend is complimentary contrast. Deep, rich flooring with light paint and kitchen with blue, white, and dark floorscountertops, dark appliances with light cabinets, black fixtures with bright features are just some of the contrast options that have taken over recent kitchen designs. No longer are kitchens simply the place to cook your meals, store your food, and prep your dishes. They have become a place to make a statement. If your kitchen looks drab and dull, then consider evoking your edgy side and making some dramatic changes! Considering replacing your light floors with something darker and adding light cabinets. The contrast will bring out the brightness in your kitchen, while emphasizing your rich floors. Or, alternatively, maybe you wish to opt for light floors and darker cabinets – either way the choice is yours, but don’t be afraid to add some colour along the way!


facet with running waterFacets: Is your facet a simple, stainless steel device that only has a single function: to ensure that water flows? A 2018 kitchen trend is unique, eye-catching facets that make a statement. If your looking for a simple way to update your kitchen, consider searching the market for a new and improved facet that contrasts with your kitchen. Perhaps you want a dark facet to compliment your dark floors or cabinet. Also, facet technology is taking over kitchen trends! Pot-fillers, which are facets stationed above your stove to easily fill any sized pot, is a newly emerging and incredibly popular trend! They typically come in interesting, unique colours and designs, and the convenience will speak for itself! Whatever you choose, trust your gut and go with something that will add the final touch to your trendy kitchen.


tan and white backsplash Backsplash: Similar to your contrasting design and unique appliances, your kitchen backsplash is another way to transform your bland kitchen into a trendy, well-designed space. 2018 is all about statements, and an interesting backsplash is a great way to achieve this goal! Add an edgy element, a soft feature, or emphasize a previously bland wall. Try buying sample tiles to take home and see how they look with your kitchen. Once you find the right one, get ready for a small but powerful transformation!


island with white farmhouse sinkFarmhouse Sinks! Beautiful and deep, farmhouse sinks provide a convenient and stylish alternative to the traditional stainless steal sink. They often come in creative colours, such as white, off-white, black, grey, or many more! This new home trend allows you to customize your kitchen, provide a unique finish, and even add to the contrasting elements of your remodelled kitchen. The deep appearance can add dimension to your design, and, not to mention, you’ll likely experience less residue water with such a deep area!


Come winter, CANZ Building Products will be introducing a new services: kitchen renovations! Spots are filling up fast, so, if your kitchen needs a transformation, contact CANZ!